Board and Consultative Council

For detailed information on EWON's structure and the functions of the Board, the Ombudsman and the Consultative Council, please refer to EWON's Constitution and Charter.

Our Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for corporate governance, funding, policy and strategy for the scheme. The Board comprises an independent Chair, five Industry Directors, who represent the electricity, gas and water provider members of EWON, and five Community Directors, who represent consumer interests.

  • Professor Julian Disney, Chair
  • Carolyn Hodge, NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS)
  • Maria Good, Christian Community Aid Service (CCAS)
  • Liz Priestley, WayAhead (Mental Health Association NSW)
  • Wayne Warburton, Wesley Counselling Services
  • Grant Arbuthnot, Tenants Union of NSW
  • Ian Israelsohn, Jemena
  • Danielle Manley, Endeavour Energy
  • Jan Prichard, Origin Energy
  • Angela Tsoukatos, Sydney Water
  • Nicole Wallis, AGL
  • Helen Ford, EWON, Board Secretary

Our Consultative Council

In accordance with our Constitution, EWON must convene a Consultative Council meeting chaired by the Board Chair at least twice each year. Consultative Council meetings provide a forum that is open to consumer and small business representatives and to all Members for the purposes of:

  • providing updates to and consulting with EWON's key stakeholders
  • providing EWON’s key stakeholders with an opportunity to raise issues and to put forward their views
  • contributing to EWON’s forward planning.


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