Payment difficulties


EWON can investigate a range of credit related issues including:

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, EWON can negotiate a payment plan with your supplier, refer you to community agencies that distribute EAPA or PAS vouchers and offer referral information about where to go for other types of assistance.

Some electricity suppliers in NSW operate special programs for customers experiencing financial hardship. These programs can offer payment arrangements, incentives for regular payments and exemptions from disconnection to eligible participants.

Case studies

EWON helps customer disconnected for 12 months

When Larry contacted EWON he had been living without electricity for twelve months. Larry was unemployed, had experienced severe financial difficulty while battling a serious illness, and could not afford to pay the $1200 owing on his account.

When his health began to improve he contacted his electricity supplier to try to have the power reconnected. Larry offered to pay the bill in instalments, but was told that he needed to make an initial payment of $640 plus $40 per fortnight. Larry could not afford this up-front payment and contacted EWON for information on the options available to him.

EWON referred Larry to community agencies that provide EAPA vouchers for assistance with the initial payment his supplier had requested. EWON discussed with the supplier the difficulties Larry might experience in obtaining such a large amount of money.

Larry was able to arrange $360 in EAPA assistance. Following EWON intervention, his supplier reconnected his electricity after he paid this amount and agreed to a payment plan of $40 per fortnight.

EWON helps family when gas is disconnected

Melinda is a single parent with two dependent children and is pregnant with her third child.

Her gas was disconnected for non-payment of an account for $127. In addition to the bill and the subsequent $77 disconnection fee, Melinda owed over $800 to Housing NSW and was in debt to Centrelink.

When Melinda contacted her supplier to negotiate reconnection they refused to waive the disconnection fee because it had been waived for her before. Melinda contacted EWON and said that she could pay $25 per week if the money could be taken directly from her benefit payment (Centrepay). Melinda was also able to pay $50, which she had received from a local community agency, towards the bill.

EWON proposed this arrangement to her supplier who agreed to waive the disconnection fee and reconnect her gas after Melinda paid the $50 and organised Centrepay deductions.

EWON negotiates payment plan with water provider

Janette runs a small family business and receives a family allowance. Her partner has taken on a second job to help pay the bills and they have had to refinance their property due to financial difficulties.

With $635 outstanding on her account and an additional $739 owing for recent water use, Janette's supplier restricted her water supply. When she contacted her water supplier they informed her that she would have to pay $635 of this amount in full to have her water supply restored.

After arranging an appointment with a local community agency to get financial assistance she contacted EWON to help negotiate a payment plan and have her water supply restored.

EWON negotiated with her water supplier for Janette to pay $500 over three weeks and then $50 every fortnight following to clear her arrears and keep up with her current water use.



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