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National Energy Customer Framework (NECF)
The structure in place for the national regulation of retailing electricity and gas. It includes the National Energy Retail Law, the National Energy Retail Law Regulations and the National Energy Retail Rules.

National Energy Retail Rules (NERR)
Part of the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF). The rules include consumer protections for the sale of energy to small retail customers.

National Energy Retail Law (NERL)
Part of the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF). The act regulates the retail sale of energy to customers and makes provisions for the relationship between the distributors and consumers of energy.

National Meter Identifier (NMI)
The unique numerical identifier which is attached to each electricity supply address. The NMI is listed on your electricity bill. 

New connection
A connection to energy supply established or to be established where there is no existing connection. 


See controlled load supply

Off peak Meter
See controlled load meter

A term originating from Sweden, the Australia New Zealand Ombudsman Association describes an Ombudsman as ‘a free, informal and cost effective alternative to court action. Well known for independent and impartial review and investigation. Commonly describes both the person who holds the position of ombudsman and the office they head up. It is a gender neutral term.’


Paper bill fee
A fee that may be charged by an energy retailer for the issuing of a paper bill, as opposed to an electronic one. You can ask your retailer or EWON whether you are eligible for an exemption from this fee. 

Payment Assistance Program
A program offered by some water providers to assist customers experiencing financial difficulties paying their water bills

Payment Assistance Scheme 
Vouchers to assist in the payment of water bills from some water providers for those experiencing financial hardship. You may be referred to a community agency. 

Pay on time discount
A discount off your energy charges for paying your bill by the due date. This may be available under your market contract with your retailer. The discount may be off your whole bill or off your usage charges only. 

Payment plan
An arrangement between a customer and the retailer whereby regular, more frequent, smaller payments are made towards your bill.

Planned outage
A planned disruption to the supply of electricity, gas or water, usually for repairs or maintenance of the network, advised in advance.

Post office payment fee
A fee that may be charged by energy retailers for making an over the counter payment towards your bill at the post office. You can ask your retailer or EWON whether you might be eligible for an exemption from this fee. 

Pressure factor
The calculation of the change in the volume of gas based on temperature and pressure. This calculation is made by the gas distributor and is used to work out the quantity of megajoules you will be charged on your gas bill for your gas consumption. 


Re-energisation or reconnection 
When energy or water supply is restored to a premises.

Rebate - See concessions

Reconnection fee
A fee that may apply when your property is reconnected to the energy or water supply. 

Refer to a Higher Level (RHL)
A complaint referred to the energy and water provider’s specialist dispute resolution team.

Reminder notice
A letter or email providing notification that the due date for a bill has passed and payment is due immediately.

When your water supply is restricted due to non-payment of bills. As water is an essential service, your supply will not be disconnected completely, but will be restricted to a regulated minimum flow rate.  

The provider that bills you for your energy/water consumption. 

Retailer of last resort 
The energy retailer who must supply a customer if another retailer is no longer available to supply its customers due to being removed from the market by the Australian Energy Regulator.