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High bills and disputed accounts

EWON can investigate a range of billing issues including:

  • high bills or disputed accounts
  • estimated accounts
  • backbilling or catch up billing
  • billing delays
  • errors with rebates or concessions

While we do identify cases where an error has occurred, it is common for a high bill to be the result of a combination of factors such as:

  • increased consumption due to seasonal variation (eg. increased use of a heater or air conditioner)
  • faulty appliances
  • new appliances
  • more people living in the property
  • increase in the tariff
  • change in the tariff type (due to a meter change)
  • catch up bill following an under-read or estimated bill
  • different billing period
  • first bill at a new address
  • other charges on the account (transferred arrears, miscellaneous fees)

Other, less common causes of high bills include:

  • meter reading error
  • cross wiring of the premises (eg. where renovations have occurred)
  • technical fault with the meter (this is rarely the cause of a high bill in EWON's experience)

Billing investigations may take time to resolve, so try to pay the part of the bill not in dispute. This will help you stay on top of your bills and show the retailer you are acting in good faith.