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Solar energy

EWON receives a range of complaints from customers about the Solar Bonus Scheme arrangements and the installation of solar panels.

What we can investigate:

  • billing delays
  • application of the feed-in tariff
  • meter problems

Closure of the Scheme

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme came to an end on 31 December 2016. This affected around 146,000 households and small businesses who were participating in the Scheme.

If you are a customer of the Scheme, after 31 December 2016 you will no longer receive a subsidised feed-in tariff. After this date you can access the same market offers for unsubsidised feed-in tariffs that are available to all other solar customers.

Now is a good time to check that you are on the best deal with your provider and, depending on the offer you choose, to investigate metering options. 

For more information about the closure of the Scheme, see FAQs about the Solar Bonus Scheme closure, Smart Meters in NSW factsheet and Feed-in tariffs.

Some complaints are out-of-jurisdiction and we will generally refer customers to the appropriate agency, for example:


Who to speak to

NSW Solar Scheme Bonus or level of tariff

NSW Department of Industry

Misleading marketing regarding the solar product or work commissioned

NSW Fair Trading

Contractor or installation problems, quality of work or compliance issues

NSW Fair Trading

Where to find an accredited installer

Clean Energy Council

Useful resources

  • Solar battery systems are an increasingly popular way for NSW homes to store the energy their solar panels generate. The NSW Home Solar Battery Guide can help you decide if battery storage is right for you.