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Submissions now open for EWON review

Submissions are invited for a review into the Energy and Water Ombudsman of NSW (EWON).

EWON’s Constitution [PDF 770KB] requires that an independent review be conducted at least every five years. Queen Margaret University’s Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre has been selected to conduct the current review. It will look primarily at how well EWON complies with the Australian Government’s Benchmarks for Industry-based Customer Dispute Resolution.

You are invited to make a submission, in confidence, addressing the questions below in relation to each benchmark. Submissions close 14 September 2019.


1.    Does EWON effectively promote awareness about its role and function particularly to vulnerable and disadvantaged customers?
2.    Are EWON’s processes easy to access, easy to use and have no cost barriers?


1.    Are case handling and decision-making processes independent and impartial and are they seen to be independent and impartial?
2.    Does the Constitution [PDF 770KB] and Charter [PDF 350KB] of EWON continue to support the independence of EWON?


1.    Does EWON observe the principles of procedural fairness in the handling of complaints?
2.    Does EWON have quality assurance processes to ensure fair processes are used and fair and seen to be fair?


1.    Does EWON have a process for accepting complaints about EWON; including complaints about case management, privacy, jurisdiction and day to day operations of EWON?
2.    Does EWON fulfil the CDR Benchmarks for public reporting?
3.    Does EWON have a process(es) in place to promote industry improvement?


1.    Do EWON’s structure and processes deliver timely, independent and fair outcomes for customers? 


1.    Does EWON’s Charter [PDF 200KB] provide sufficient jurisdictional coverage to enable EWON to handle complaints about current and emerging issues in the energy and water sectors? 
2.    Does EWON have sufficient powers and mechanisms in place to ensure member compliance with EWON policies and processes? 

Read more about the Benchmarks.

Please submit your response to by 5pm, 14 September 2019.