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Annual Report 2016/2017: Our holistic approach

The 2016/2017 financial year has been another busy time for EWON. Complaints have increased each consecutive quarter in 2016/2017, despite a small overall decrease in complaint numbers compared to the previous year.

EWON received 23,613 complaints in 2016/2017, down from 23,760 in 2015/2016. However, the 1% decrease is much less pronounced than the 22% fall reported in 2015/2016 and the 19% decrease in 2014/2015. We received 21% more complaints between April and June 2017 than we did in the same period in the previous financial year, establishing a strong upward trend.

This year, we are exploring how each of EWON's areas come together to provide a whole of organisation approach to consumer issues and complaint reduction.

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