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Energy Bill Relief Package

As of 1 January 2018, the NSW Government has implemented a number of affordability measures originally announced in September 2017, as a part of their Energy Bill Relief Package. 

Retailers are no longer allowed to charge small customers fees for:

  • issuing a paper bill
  • making payments at the post office
  • early termination (with some exceptions). 

An early termination fee can still be charged if the customer’s retail contract includes the provision or installation of equipment such as:  

  • a solar PV system
  • a battery storage system 
  • a digital meter
  • any associated equipment.

In this situation, the retailer can recover the reasonable costs incurred for the installation of this equipment. 

The package was initially announced in September 2017, and also included the following measures to help households and businesses manage their energy bills:

  • higher rebates, including increasing the Low Income Household Rebate from $235 to $285 and the Family Energy Rebate from $150 to $180 
  • discounts on energy efficient equipment upgrades for small business 
  • discounts for energy efficient lighting and air conditioning upgrades for households 
  • discounts for up to 23,000 concession cardholders to save up to 50% on the cost of upgrading old fridges and TVs to energy saving models 
  • penalties for retailers who don’t move rebate recipients to a better deal 
  • energy saving upgrades for up to 16,500 public housing residents to assist the state’s most vulnerable people.

Visit for more information about the relief package.