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Miscellaneous fees

What is a miscellaneous charge?

Miscellaneous charges are the fees providers charge customers for a range of services additional to the normal supply of their energy, gas or water. 

Fees for miscellaneous services provided by electricity and gas networks are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator, e.g. meter tests.

Fees for miscellaneous services relevant to electricity and gas retailers are regulated by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), e.g. late payment fees.

EWON does not set the fees charged by electricity, gas and water companies. EWON can only investigate whether your provider has applied a fee correctly.

When will you be charged?

Some fees will be charged automatically when a particular situation arises, e.g. a late payment fee on an overdue or unpaid amount, or a disconnection fee.

Other fees are for services that the customer may request – e.g. a special meter read or a meter test fee – and your provider should advise you the amount of the charge in advance. If the special meter read shows an earlier read was incorrect or the meter test shows the meter is faulty, the fee will be refunded to you.

Some market contracts provide that supply to the premises will be disconnected if the customer moves out during the term of the contract. In this case you may be charged a disconnection fee when you close your account on move out.

How much will you be charged?

The information below includes the most common miscellaneous fees for electricity customers on standard contracts as at 1 July 2017.  

GST is payable on all miscellaneous fees.

The fees for gas and water customers vary with each retailer. Contact your retailer directly if you require more information.

The fees below may be different if you have signed a market contract with an energy provider. Details on miscellaneous charges will be specified in your contract.

Miscellaneous service charges for customers on standard contracts as at 1 July 2016

Ausgrid (inc GST)

Endeavour Energy (inc GST)

Essential Energy (inc GST)

Special meter reading




Meter test (if found to be working correctly)




Off-peak/controlled load conversion




Disconnection visit:
1. disconnection/reconnection visit
2. disconnection at meter
3. disconnection at meter (technical/advanced)
4. pole top disconnection visit
5. pole top disconnection (completed)




Reconnection outside business hours




Rectification of illegal connection



$236.81 per hour, plus materials and GST

Move in/move out meter read




NOTE: Your retailer may charge a late payment fee, a credit card processing fee or a dishonoured cheque fee. These fees can vary between retailers.