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Gas providers

It is a condition of license that all reticulated (natural) gas providers who supply small retail customers in New South Wales are members of EWON. You can make a complaint to EWON about any of our members.

Important information:

  • Choosing a retailer: In NSW you can buy your gas supply from the Standard Gas Retailer for your area, or enter into a negotiated contract with a licensed retailer. Note that a retailer doesn't have to offer you a contract or they may not retail in your area.
  • Standard Gas Retailers: If you don't enter into a negotiated contract your gas will be supplied by one of the Standard Gas Retailers under a regulated tariff. To find the standard retailer for your area visit
  • LPG complaints: Complaints about LPG (bottled gas) providers are out of EWON's jurisdiction. Please contact NSW Fair Trading for assistance with LPG complaints.
  • Gas connections: Please note that reticulated gas is not available in many areas in NSW. Even if you are connected to the gas network, not all providers may offer gas in your area. To arrange for a gas connection, contact the Standard Gas Retailer for the area to confirm whether natural gas supply is available to the premises.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) oversees licensing, pricing and compliance of gas providers in NSW.