Help for low income households

Source: Office of Environment and Heritage NSW

Home Power Savings Program

The NSW Government’s free Home Power Savings Program is helping eligible lower income households save power, money and cut carbon pollution.

More than 66,000 households have already taken advantage of this free service and are expected to save up to 20 per cent off their power use. The free program is available right across NSW to anyone who has a nominated Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs concession card as well as energy utility hardship customers and social housing tenants.

The program offers households a FREE:

  1. in-home assessment by an energy expert to find out how much their appliances cost to run;
  2. Power Savings Kit, that comes fully installed and includes a stand-by saver power board, energy efficient light globes, draughtproofing, water efficient showerhead, shower timer, thermometer and tap aerators; and
  3. personalised Action Plan showing the household how much more money and carbon pollution they can save by being energy efficient.

Households who have joined the program are already noticing the savings. Ron and Marg from Lake Macquarie will save at least  $129 a year from their Power Savings Kit and around $210 more by following their Action Plan.

“As pensioners we were worried about the escalating cost of  electricity which had started to impact on our living standards and our ability to pay other bills,” said Ron. “The visit from the [Government] representative has helped us considerably. By following all of the recommendations we have experienced a significant reduction in our power bill and kept our house warmer in the  chilly weather.”

The Home Power Savings Program is managed by the Office of Environment and Heritage and is available until 30 June 2013. Eligible households can call 1300 662 416 now to join the program.

If you work with vulnerable households and you would like to partner with the program, please call the Home Power Savings Program Stakeholder Team on (02) 9995 5479 or email For more information on the program go to