EWON Interaction Principles

We want everyone to have the best possible experience when they interact with us. The EWON Interaction Principles explain the expected behaviour of providers, customers and EWON employees when resolving disputes.  

Key to the principles, are EWON’s expectation that all parties cooperate reasonably with the common goal of resolving a complaint. They also explain how EWON will respond to providers and customers that do not comply with its expectations.  

All parties are expected to engage with each other and EWON, in a way that is:

Transparent and honest Respectful and fair In good faith Efficient and cooperative

These principles are designed to respond to the evolving energy and water landscape, and they may be updated as needed. 

Unreasonable behaviour 

EWON will not tolerate unreasonable behaviour. EWON must provide a safe environment for our staff to resolve complaints and to ensure a fair process. 

We expect you to always treat EWON staff and one another with courtesy and respect. We will not tolerate threatening, intimidating, abusive, bullying, discriminatory, or unreasonable behaviour. 

We may stop engaging with a party in exceptional circumstances.