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Providers in NSW

You can make a complaint about any EWON electricity, gas or water members, including those operating embedded networks for residential customers as exempt entities.

Types of member providers

Electricity or gas retailer: Authorised retailers that sell electricity and or gas to customers in NSW. Electricity retailers are responsible for opening and closing accounts, issuing bills and maintaining customer accounts. 

Electricity or gas distributor: Distributors are responsible new and existing connections to services, maintaining network assets, reading meters that cannot be read remotely and sending the data to the retailer. There are three distributors in NSW with designated network areas: Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy.

Exempt energy seller: Exempt sellers pay to receive energy from the grid and then on-sell the energy to individual customers in an embedded energy network.

Exempt energy network: Exempt networks own, operate or control an embedded energy network. 

Water provider: Water providers may be set up as a public water utility (eg Sydney Water or Hunter Water) or they may be councils or other corporations licensed to provide water. 

Click here to view a list of EWON members.