The following are examples of complaints that are out of our jurisdiction. Read more about what you can complain about.

Complaints older than 12 months

We may not be able to investigate complaints that are lodged with us more than 12 months after the date you first became aware of the issue.

Private contractors

We can't investigate complaints about private contractors engaged by the customer (electricians, plumbers and gas fitters). This includes contracting arms of electricity, gas and water providers where the work is open to competitive quotation. If your problem relates to a private contractor, contact Fair Trading NSW.

Your landlord

We can provide advice to tenants about high bills caused by a fixed appliance (eg hot water heater) but we do not resolve disputes with landlords. Advice about these issues is available from Fair Trading NSW or Tenants NSW.

LPG gas

Complaints about LPG (bottled gas) providers are out of our jurisdiction. Please contact Fair Trading NSW for assistance with LPG complaints.

Energy prices 

Electricity prices are set by the retailers.  Frequency of price changes will depend on the terms of your contract.

We have no role or authority in setting prices and we're not able to investigate complaints about price increases. We can review whether charges and tariffs have been correctly applied to an account. If you receive a bill that you think does not accurately reflect your usage, and your retailer can't explain it or you are not satisfied with their response, you can contact us for help.