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Out of jurisdiction

Private contractors

We can't investigate complaints about private contractors (electricians, plumbers and gas fitters). This includes contracting arms of electricity, gas and water providers where the work is open to competitive quotation. If your problem relates to a private contractor, contact Fair Trading NSW.

Tariff or price increases

We can't investigate complaints about energy and water price increases. The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal reviews electricity, water and gas pricing in NSW. EWON does not set tariffs and charges, but can check if these charges have been applied correctly. Further information is available on the AER's website.

Your landlord

We can provide advice to tenants on high bills caused by a fixed appliance (eg hot water heater) but we do not resolve disputes with landlords. Advice in relation to these matters can be obtained from Fair Trading NSW or Tenants NSW.

LPG gas

Complaints about LPG (bottled gas) providers are out of our jurisdiction. Please contact The NSW Ombudsman for assistance with LPG complaints.