Complaints about EWON

If you're not happy with the service you've received from us, please let us know. Complaints give us valuable feedback and an opportunity to review and improve our systems, communication and processes. You can make any of the following types of complaints to us:

Complaints about case management

A customer may complain about the way a complaint has been handled by a Dispute Resolution Officer. Customers are asked to initially raise their complaint about the handling of a case with the Dispute Resolution Officer who is managing their case.

Complaints about case closure

A customer may complain about the closure of a case where the investigation has addressed the merit of the complaint, and/or a decision has been made that no further investigation will be undertaken because a fair and reasonable offer to resolve the complaint has been declined by the customer.

Complaints about privacy

EWON complies with the Australian Privacy Principles (Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988) with respect to the collection, retention, storage and disposal of personal information. We respect the privacy and confidentially of the people who access our services and who may make complaints about our service. View our Privacy Policy.

Complaints about jurisdictional decisions

We take an inclusive approach when considering whether complaints fall within our jurisdiction as stated in paragraph 5 of EWON’s Charter. A customer or member may request a review of a jurisdictional decision.

Complaints about the operation of EWON

Customers, members or other individuals may raise complaints about a broad aspect of our operation, rather than the handling, investigation or finalisation of a particular complaint.

For more information view our complaints policy. You can also learn more about how we're improving our complaint handling.