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Read more about our 2020/2021 Annual Report.

Highlights from 2020/2021

We launched our first Reconciliation Action Plan. EWON’s Reflect RAP builds on our existing support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and gives us a roadmap to contribute to Australia’s reconciliation journey.
We made a successful national rule change request to the Australian Energy Market Commission – the first for an Ombudsman scheme. Now customers reliant on home-based life support appliances can reuse their medical certificate for four years instead of going back to their doctor every time they change retailer.
COVID-19 meant we had to reach customers differently this year. We doubled our community engagement by delivering 588 events online and in person, and our social media campaigns reached 880,000 consumers
We launched our new Spotlight On reports alerting government and stakeholders to the systemic issues we see in our complaints data. This year we reported on energy affordability and the lack of consumer protections for customers living in embedded networks.

Past reports

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