NSW electricity and gas networks and retailers are required to be members of EWON. Water providers such as Sydney Water, Hunter Water and Water NSW and those licensed under the Water Industry Competition Act are also required to join EWON. Councils that provide water to their residents can join voluntarily.

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Benefits of membership

Internal dispute resolution

We work with members to ensure they have appropriate processes in place to deal with complaints.


We provide regular information about complaint numbers and the issues underpinning them.

Systematic issue identification

We monitor and advise on any systematic complaint issues to help members reduce complaints.

Hosting forums

We provide opportunities for members to gain insights by meeting and engaging with their peers and consumer representatives.

Complaint referrals

Members can refer complaints to EWON.

Engagement and education

We operate an extensive community outreach and education program and working with vulnerable customers to address problems before they become complaints.

Policy development

We draw on complaints data and outreach and stakeholder engagement to influence government policy for the benefit of members and customers.


Members play an important role in our governance by participating in the AGM, Consultative Council Meetings, Operational Advisory Group and as Industry Directors on our Board .