New membership application

If you were part way through the online application form, contact us and we can assist you to complete the application.  

For all new applicants, please complete the application manually. 

Before you start, read the application package relevant to you:

Then complete the forms below and email them to us: 

Please make sure these forms are signed by an authorised person. This would be: 

  • the CEO/ Managing Director 
  • an executive member of the strata committee
  • a residential park owner. 

In assessing your application, we also need a copy of your complaint handling policy. If you don’t have one, you can adopt our template, which is available in the application package above. 

If you are an agent or if you have an agent, you will also need to complete and email us the Agent agreement (DOC 144KB). Make sure you review our fees structure, including how we calculate the number of customers. See page 21-23 of the application package for details.

If you have any questions email or phone 02 8218 5251.