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Customer resources

The Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW has many resources available including help with energy and water issues, knowing your rights and saving on bills.

  • Help paying bills

    Rebates, counselling and other resources to help you with paying energy and water bills.

  • High and disputed bills

    Reasons for high or disputed bills and how EWON can help solve any problems.

  • Ways to save on your bills

    Information on how to reduce energy and water usage and save money.

  • Managing your account

    Learn more about managing your energy account, opening and closing accounts, meter reading and more.

  • Disconnection and restriction

    Learn more about how to avoid disconnection of your electricity, gas or water supply and the rules in place to protect you.

  • Switching retailers

    Changing your energy supplier could save you money. Learn more about energy offer types, how they compare, account transfers and dealing with energy marketers.

  • Living in an embedded network

    If you live in a residential complex, residential park or a retirement village you might be in an embedded network, with different utilities supply rules.

  • Natural disaster support

    How we help if you have been affected by a natural disaster including meter replacement, billing and supply issues and information on other support services.

  • Mob matters

    Read our tips and tricks on how to reduce your energy and water costs, with Sean Choolburra.

  • Factsheets

    Download PDF factsheets on a wide range of energy and water issues.

  • Information in other languages

    Download information on our services in over 40 languages.

  • Other issues

    Find out more about other energy and water issues including common hot water, land, supply, tenants rights and more.