Your responsibilities

Opening and closing accounts

It is your responsibility to let the electricity, gas and water supplier know when you move in or out of a property. You can usually open or close an account by contacting the supplier by telephone. You may need to allow 2 to 3 days for the supplier to process your request.

If you don't open an account, most suppliers will send a letter to the occupant to alert them to the fact that there is no account open for the premises. It is important that you respond to these letters or your supply may be disconnected.

It's a good idea to make a note of the meter readings when you move in or out of a property, in case there is an issue with your account later on.

Access to your meter

You are required to provide meter access to your electricity, gas or water company so that they can bill you accurately. Common problems with access are locked gates or the presence of a dog. Meter readers are not required to enter a property where there is an unrestrained dog in the yard, even if the owners insist it is friendly.

Where access to the meter is not possible, your supplier may estimate your bills. You may be able make other arrangements such as reading the meter yourself to avoid estimated bills. However, your supplier must physically read your meter at least every twelve months. If the supplier cannot access your meter and needs to make an appointment with you, they may charge a special meter reading fee.

Paying your bills on time

You are required to pay your bills on time, or you may face disconnection or debt recovery action by your supplier.

Paying arrears owing

Suppliers may be entitled to transfer an old debt to your current account. The supplier may also refer the debt to a collection agency. If you believe that a debt should not have been transferred, speak to your supplier or contact EWON.

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