Opening and closing an account

Moving in or out?

It is your responsibility to let the electricity, gas and water supplier know when you move in or out of a property. You can usually open or close an account by contacting the supplier by telephone or online.

When you open an energy account:

  • you must provide your name and address, identification, and ensure that the meter is accessible
  • let your provider know if you're eligible for any rebates
  • make sure everyone who needs access to the account is named on it.

When you close your account:

  • allow at least five days for the retailer to process your request
  • if you’re moving to a new property, give your new address to the retailer.

You can be held responsible for usage at a property while the account is in your name, even if you no longer live there. So make sure you take your name off the account when you move.

It is also a good idea to make a note or take a photo of the meter readings when you move in or out of a property, in case there is an issue with your account later on.

What if I don’t setup an account?

If you don’t open an account, you will receive bills or letters addressed to the ‘Customer’ or ‘Occupant’ from the retailer that currently owns the billing rights for the property. The retailer will ask you to contact it to open an account. If you don’t take any action your supply may be disconnected. You will have to pay bills addressed to the Occupant for the energy you use from the date you moved in.

Tips on choosing an energy retailer

You can buy electricity and gas from the standard retailer in your area, or you can take up a market contract with any other licensed retailer. To find a retailer or compare prices, visit You can approach any of the retailers to find out what they offer.

Shop around to find an offer that suits your situation and budget. Take your time – read all the terms and conditions before you agree to anything.

Notifying retailers when someone passes away

The Australian Death Notification Service (ADNS) allows you to notify multiple organisations online that someone has died so their accounts can be closed or transferred. A number of energy and water companies have signed up to the service. Find out more on the ADNS website.

Customer stories

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