Rebates and assistance

There are a range of rebates and concessions available to energy and water customers. Read more to find which you may be eligible for.

NSW Government Rebates

The NSW Government funds rebate programs for electricity and gas customers, including:

  • NSW Family Energy Rebate
  • Low Income Household Rebate
  • NSW Gas Rebate
  • Life Support Rebate
  • Medical Energy Rebate
  • Seniors Energy Rebate.

You can also apply for all NSW rebates except the Family Energy Rebate through your electricity supplier.

The NSW Government also fund the Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) program .

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Important things to note:

  • You may need to reapply for these rebates occasionally.
  • Generally, the energy, life support and medical rebates are not backdated.
  • If your household is registered as using a life support system, you cannot be disconnected.
  • If you move address or switch retailers, make sure that the rebate has been applied to your new account.
  • The Family Energy and Low Income Household rebates are available to long-term residents in caravan or residential parks.
  • The NSW Social Programs for Energy Code outlines that if you’re a new customer, your provider should ask if you are eligible for rebates at the time you open an account. If you become eligible for a rebate after you’ve opened an account, you should contact your retailer and provide them with your Centrelink or Veterans’ Affair number.
  • If you are a rebate participant, your retailer should help you identify the most appropriate market offer available.

If you are not satisfied with how your supplier has applied your rebate, contact us for help.

Federal Government payments and allowances

The has a great online tool that lets you search over 100 rebates, grants, apps and assistance programs.

Utilities Allowance

The Utilities Allowance is a Federal Government quarterly payment to help with household bills. It is available to people who are on the Disability Support Pension and under 21 years of age with no dependent children, and those on the Partner Allowance or Widow Allowance. For more information contact Services Australia (formerly Human Services) .

Essential Medical Equipment Payment

To be eligible for the Essential Medical Equipment Payment, Commonwealth Concession Card holders must provide proof that the specific equipment or heating/cooling is medically required. The rebate will be automatically paid each year once an application is accepted, so customers need to reapply if their personal circumstances change. Please note that this payment can be claimed for a wider range of equipment than is covered by the NSW State Government's Life Support and Medical Rebate schemes, including insulin pumps, electric wheelchairs and airbed vibrators. See if you're eligible here.

Water rebates

Some water suppliers (Sydney Water, Hunter Water, Shoalhaven Water) provide a range of rebates including pensioner rebates on water and sewerage charges. Sydney Water and Hunter Water also provide rebates to customers who use water in life-sustaining equipment such as kidney dialysis machines. Conditions vary so contact your water supplier for more information.

The NSW Private Water Scheme Pensioner Rebate is available for eligible residential customers of private water schemes. Eligible residents must submit a form and claim the rebate directly from the NSW Government.