Switching retailers

Choosing an energy retailer

In New South Wales, electricity and gas customers can choose to receive their supply from the standard retailer for their area (under a standard form contract) or take up an energy offer with another retailer.

You don’t have to take up an energy offer if you don’t want to, and your electricity and gas will continue to be supplied by the standard retailer in your area.

Also, a retailer is not obliged to provide you with an energy offer and depending on where you live, your choice of retailer may be limited as some retailers only service parts of NSW.

What is an energy offer?

Energy offers generally provide a special rate or deal if you agree to a contract. Whether the special rate is marketed as a ‘discount’ or ‘saving’, in agreeing to accept the offer you enter into a contract between you and the company.

What doesn’t change

Your quality of supply will not change if you choose a new retailer or take up a green energy offer. Your energy will come through the same poles, wires and pipes, and will still be subject to the same supply issues.

The distributor that owns the network will continue to read your meter, and they will provide the readings to your retailer, who will then bill you.

Get advice before you switch

It pays to shop around so you can compare prices and services. If you feel pressured by time, don’t sign or agree to anything. You can tell the marketer you will get back to them after you have read and considered everything. Ask someone you trust or an independent advisor to review the contract terms before you agree or sign. Contact the Financial Rights Legal Centre on 1800 808 488 for advice on contracts or a referral.

Keep in mind that having both your electricity and gas accounts with the same retailer might not be the cheapest option.

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