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Who we are

The Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) is the government approved dispute resolution scheme for New South Wales electricity and gas customers, and some water customers.

EWON was founded in 1998 as an industry-based Ombudsman scheme, to independently resolve complaints about members of the scheme.

As an Ombudsman scheme, we work towards a fair and reasonable outcome for all parties. We are an independent body – we are not a consumer advocate, nor do we represent industry.

For more information on Ombudsman services visit the ANZOA website or download the 'What is an Ombudsman' factsheet.

Our mission

EWON aims to provide high quality, independent dispute resolution and to help raise customer service standards in the energy and water industries.

Our Constitution

EWON operates according to its Constitution and Charter. According to the Constitution, the EWON Board is responsible for corporate governance, funding, policy and strategy.

The EWON Board ensures the organisation's independence through its composition of consumer and industry representatives.

A Consultative Council is also established under the Constitution to provide a forum for EWON to engage and consult with stakeholders including representatives from consumer groups and small business and all Members.

Cost for using our service

EWON's service is free for consumers.


EWON is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. As an industry-based scheme, EWON is funded by its members. Our financial statements are published in summary format in our Annual Reports.


EWON plans its activities and measures its success against six industry-standard benchmarks: accessibility, independence, fairness, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness.

For more information on benchmarks for alternative dispute resolution schemes such as EWON, visit www.anzoa.com.au.

Our independence

EWON's decision-making process is independent of members and stakeholders. The Ombudsman is able to make decisions without any interference, based on what is fair and reasonable, and what is within EWON’s jurisdiction.

What can we investigate

EWON can investigate a wide range of complaints, including:

  • disputed accounts, high bills
  • debts, arrears
  • disconnection or restriction of supply
  • actions of a supplier that affect your property
  • reliability of supply
  • quality of supply (including claims for compensation)
  • connection or transfer issues
  • negotiated contracts
  • marketing practices
  • poor customer service
How we can help

EWON can help by:

  • arranging for a senior person from your supplier to contact you directly about your complaint
  • investigating the circumstances that led to your complaint
  • trying to negotiate a settlement between you and your supplier.

If you are having problems paying your bill EWON can:

  • try to get you more time to pay your bill
  • work out a payment plan so you can pay your bill over time
  • let you know how to save money on your bills
  • give you information about where to get emergency assistance, payment options and Centrepay, Government rebates available, assistance programs provided by your supplier
Binding decisions

If necessary, the Ombudsman can make a binding decision to resolve a complaint. The Ombudsman is independent and able to make decisions without any interference, based on what is fair and reasonable.

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