Get independent energy price comparison

Comparing energy offers

Are you looking for a better energy deal? Make sure you’re accessing comprehensive, independent information to help you make the right choice for your household.

Increasingly households are shopping around to find an energy offer that will help them keep their bills down. If you’re looking to switch energy providers or just doing some preliminary research to compare energy deals, visit or phone 1300 585 165.

There you can access a fully independent price comparator provided by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

You should also check with your current retailer about any early termination charges that may apply. It may cost you more to end your contract than you can expect to save with a new deal.

There are a number of commercial switching sites, some of which are promoted heavily in the media. Be aware that they may not have information on all retailer offers available to you and, in some cases, may act more as a broker for particular companies.

Find out more about switching retailers and comparing energy offers.

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