Water Payment Assistance Scheme (PAS) credits

The Water Payment Assistance Scheme (PAS) can help if you're experiencing financial hardship and are having difficulty paying your Hunter Water, Sydney Water or Shoalhaven Water bill.

Before you seek help

If you're having trouble paying your bill speak to your water company first. Water suppliers may be able to offer a payment plan or arrangement to help you manage your bills. If you can't make an arrangement with your supplier, your local community agency might be able to help.

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Where can you get water credits?

Many community welfare organisations offer PAS. These include:

  • St Vincent de Paul Society
  • The Salvation Army
  • Anglicare
  • The Smith Family
  • Some community or neighbourhood centres.

If you can't find a PAS agency in your area, contact us for help.

Who can get water credits?

Customers who are in financial hardship can apply for PAS assistance. Contact your provider for eligibility criteria. The hardship may be caused by a range or combination of factors, including:

  • a loss of income
  • a very high water bill
  • an illness in the family
  • a family crisis
  • unexpected expenses or bills.

Water credits for tenants

Although the landlord is responsible for the water account in NSW, in many cases it is a condition of the lease for tenants to pay for the cost of water usage. If you are responsible for this part of the water bill, you may be eligible for PAS.

Access to PAS for tenants is limited to $150 for water usage. As PAS cannot be used to put an account in credit, the landlord should not pay the entire bill in advance if you want to use PAS credit. As this is a private arrangement between you and your landlord or real estate agent, speak to them first if you are facing financial difficulty.

For detailed information, contact your water supplier. Further information on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant is available from Tenants NSW.

How does it work?

  1. In most cases you will need to make an appointment with the agency.
  2. Take your water bill to the appointment and the agency will decide if they can assist you.
  3. The agency may also help you arrange a payment plan with your supplier for the remainder of the bill, or provide other assistance such as financial counselling.
  4. Pay the vouchers on to your account at the post office or other outlet, remembering to bring along a recent bill with the barcode intact.
  5. If not organised beforehand, call your water supplier to make an arrangement for the remainder of your bill.
  6. If you are unable to make arrangements to pay the remainder, you can contact us for help.