We can help if you have a complaint about your electricity, gas or water connection. This includes problems getting a new connection or an issue with an existing connection. We can investigate your complaint, negotiate with your provider, provide new connection advice and referral information.

Electricity connections 

New connections

Depending on where you live, and whether you are classified as an urban or rural customer, or a developer, you may be liable for the costs of connecting or extending the network to your property, and ongoing maintenance or upgrade costs.

Gas connections

New connections

In areas where supply is not currently available, you may have to pay for the costs of extending the existing network to your property. If the new connection requires a main road to be excavated to connect your property to the gas mains under the street, there may be additional charges.

Unwanted existing connections

If you have a gas connection but are no longer using gas and want to avoid liability for any Service Available Charge (SAC) from a retailer, your options depend on whether you are a tenant or a home owner.


The landlord is responsible for paying the supply fee in these circumstances. It is a term of the Standard Form Agreement that the landlord agrees to pay all charges for the availability of gas to the residential premises if the tenant does not use gas supplied to the premises for any purpose.

Home owners have two options available

Permanent disconnection

In this case the meter is left on the site but is disconnected. The gas distributor continues to read the meter for safety, however, it is removed from the market and no SAC is applied. The gas can be reconnected at a later time by contacting a retailer to establish an account. Charges may apply.

Decommissioning or relinquishing a site

In this case the supply is disconnected and the meter is removed. The meter is then deactivated in the market and no SAC is applied. If you wish to connect gas at the property in the future, you will need to apply for a brand new connection.

Charges apply for permanent disconnection and decommissioning, however, permanent disconnection is the cheaper option and is more easily reversible.

Water connections

New connections

For new developments and connections you may have to pay a developer charge, which can sometimes run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Case studies

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