Electricity, gas and water providers are bound by the Privacy Act 1988. This Act sets out the ways providers can deal with your personal information.

Personal information is information which identifies an individual or makes the individual reasonably identifiable, such as your name, address or account number. This Act controls the way providers collect, use and give out information about you. It also means you can access information providers keep about you. The Privacy Act includes the National Privacy Principles, which cover:

  • collection of personal information
  • use and disclosure of personal information
  • accuracy of personal information
  • access to personal information
  • correction of errors in personal information
  • dealing with sensitive personal information.

Most providers have a copy of their privacy policy on their website. These policies give detailed information about the ways in which each provider protects information about you.

If you would like more information about privacy, or to make a complaint about a privacy issue, you can:

We're currently monitoring the development of the Consumer Data Right for energy customers, with a focus on privacy issues.