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Account Transfers

It can take a few months to complete a transfer to a new retailer. This is because the transfer cannot occur until after the next scheduled meter reading.

Once the transfer is complete, you should receive a final bill from your old retailer. If you do not receive a final bill, follow up with your old retailer to avoid arrears building or debt recovery action.

If you believe your transfer is taking too long, contact your new retailer and ask why. If they are unable to help you, or you are unhappy with their response, contact EWON.

Contact your retailer immediately if you receive:

  • a letter from another retailer advising that you are now their customer, or
  • an unrequested ‘final account’ from your usual retailer

Unwanted transfers

Sometimes accounts are transferred in error and customers can be significantly inconvenienced.

We have received complaints where customers

  • have been disconnected in error when a transfer doesn't go smoothly
  • cannot find out who their new retailer is
  • cannot discuss their cancelled account with the new retailer due to privacy reasons

If you are unable to resolve an unwanted transfer with the new retailer or your usual retailer, contact us.

Marketing to others in your household

If someone else in your household agrees to a contract, it may mean that your existing account will be closed. If this happens without your consent, you or the person who agreed to the contract can ask for it to be cancelled. If you have problems with this, you can call EWON for help.

Advocates, carers and power of attorney

Even if you have responsibility for managing the affairs of another person, a marketer may set up a contract with that person if they consent. If you later contact the company and explain this and they decline to cancel the contract, you can call EWON for help.