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Preventing energy marketing

Energy marketers in NSW must abide by the NSW Marketing Code of Conduct. For more information on the rules see Supplier Responsibilities - Energy Marketing.

Do Not Call Register

To avoid telemarketing calls you can ask to be put on the Do Not Call Register, phone 1300 792 958.

Door-to-door energy marketing

If you do not wish to receive energy offers from a retailer, contact the company and ask them not to contact you again. To avoid offers from other companies, you will need to contact each individual retailer and ask them not to market to you.

To avoid door-to-door marketers, clearly display a sign saying ‘No Marketers’. According to the NSW Marketing Code of Conduct marketers must abide by such signs. Download an example sticker here.

If you have a sign displayed and the energy marketer visits your home, contact the company immediately or contact EWON.

Example of a 'No Marketers' sticker