Embedded network customer disputes high hot water bill

Mrs Sims had lived at an apartment with an individual hot water meter for four months. Her meter indicated she used approximately 9,500 litres of hot water in that time. However the billing agent for the building had issued bills that showed she was using 4,500 litres per month. The building was part of an embedded network.

Mrs Sims contacted the billing agent to complain but did not receive a response for months. She also complained that she paid her first bill by direct debit and the billing agent then continued to deduct payments from her account without permission. The agent told her that direct debit was the only payment option.

Outcome: We contacted the billing agent who advised that Mrs Sims' meter was faulty and would be replaced. They offered a credit of $300 which averaged her hot water usage for the disputed period to 3,000 litres per month.