Failure to refer to affordability program or offer payment plan

Julie’s electricity supply was disconnected with arrears of $3,430. She asked to be reconnected but was told by her retailer that she needed to pay $2000 upfront, which she could not afford. She offered to pay $500 then make fortnightly payments, but was refused. She also said that a settlement was due on her property and that she could pay the full bill as soon as this was completed. 

Outcome: We contacted the retailer and arranged for reconnection. It agreed to set up a payment plan and asked Julie to contact it to negotiate the amount.

If you’re not able to pay your bill, let your provider know. Retailers are all required to have a hardship or affordability program which can help you access a payment plan, government rebates and other support. Once you are on a payment plan, your provider is not allowed to disconnect you.

If your provider is not able to help you, or you’re not happy with its response, contact us.