Customer with visa problems facing affordability issues

Samira approached us at a Bring Your Bills Day in Earlwood with a high bill. She didn’t have a current work visa and advised she had already used her Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) allocation for the year. She wanted to confirm that she was receiving all applicable rebates and discounts and also asked for advice on payment options for her outstanding bill.

As Samira was unable to make any payments towards the account until the next month, we contacted her provider to discuss her situation.

Outcome: the provider placed a hold on the account and agreed to assess Samira’s suitability for its hardship program once she had her visa.

We confirmed on the day that Samira was receiving all rebates she was eligible for and referred her to an EAPA agency at the event. We also referred her to the Energy Made Easy website, so she could compare her current electricity plan.

At our Bring your Bills Day event, we can review your bills on the spot, make sure you’re getting any applicable rebates, and can help you check that you’re on the best deal. See our list of upcoming events.