Problems transferring to new retailer

Susan installed solar panels in February 2019 and then received an estimated bill that did not show reduced usage or exported electricity. Speaking with her retailer, she learned that the solar installer had not notified the retailer or distributor of the completed works, requested a digital meter, or submitted a compliance certificate. The contractor had also turned on the solar generation system while it was connected to the existing, non-compliant meter meter, resulting in the meter readings being estimated.

Susan decided to switch to another retailer, but she was unable to as the solar system was non-compliant.

Outcome: We advised Susan to continue discussions with her current retailer to obtain a digital meter, and to follow up with the solar installer about submitting the necessary documents. She was also referred to Fair Trading NSW to resolve the issues with the solar installer.

Under current market rules, a customer can only transfer to a new retailer on an actual meter reading. As meter readings are estimated for properties where a non-compliant solar connection exists, transferring between retailers cannot occur until this is resolved.