Expectations for customers and representative


EWON provides a free service for complaints about energy and some water providers. Customers may choose to withdraw their EWON complaint at any time, however, those who wish to use EWON’s service do so subject to the expectations outlined in these principles. 

A customer must provide a reasonable basis for their complaint and be willing to provide information at our request to support their position. Providing the information we need clearly and promptly helps us understand your concerns and take the relevant action.  

EWON expects customers to:

Act honestly Cooperate Actively participate Avoid delays

  • act honestly and fairly in lodging a complaint including not lodging complaints that are frivolous or vexatious or without merit
  • co-operate with our investigations including providing all information and evidence requested within the set timeframes, if this is available
  • actively participate in the complaint resolution process including genuinely considering possible remedies offered by a provider
  • not contribute to delays in resolving a complaint. 

Individuals and small businesses can work with us effectively by telling us if they:

  • have specific communication needs, like requiring the National Relay Service or an interpreter 
  • would like to authorise someone to help them, such as a friend or family member 
  • would like us to explain each step of the process 
  • need more time to provide information. 



All representatives are bound by these principles, through their participation in any complaint submitted to EWON. Representatives are expected to:

  • act in the best interests of the customer and avoid conflicts of interest
  • act honestly, fairly and professionally towards EWON and providers 
  • avoid lodging complaints that are frivolous, vexatious or without merit
  • support the reasonable negotiation of complaints
  • provide all relevant documentation that could reasonably be expected, including confirmation that the customer is aware the complaint has been lodged and authorises the representative to act on their behalf
  • co-operate with our investigations including facilitating provision and exchange of information and evidence
  • actively participate in the complaint resolution process and avoid unnecessary delays. 

EWON may need to contact a customer directly for the purposes of satisfying ourselves that the customer is aware of information relevant to their complaint.