EWON Expanded Jurisdiction Final Report

EWON engaged KPMG to support the development of revised funding and membership models, and present an assessment of options associated with the expansion in EWON’s jurisdiction – namely the requirement that exempt networks and retailers will be required to become members of EWON. 
This report outlines the feedback from stakeholders who participated in the consultation process as well as KPMG’s views in relation to the membership model, fee structure, member voting rights and board composition. The report has been informed by work completed by EWON, KPMG’s own analysis and stakeholder feedback, including a number of written submissions. 
The collated feedback and views expressed in this report informed the EWON Board’s determination of EWON’s funding model and the proposed changes to EWON’s Constitution. At EWON’s Extraordinary General Meeting of members on 7 June 2018, EWON members voted to approve the proposed changes to the Constitution. The Constitutional changes include changes to the voting rights of members, composition of Industry Directors of the Board and director tenure. EWON’s amended Constitution is here.  

View the final report.