NSW Government rebate changes

On 1 July 2015, the NSW Government introduced a number of changes to the energy rebate schemes.  In addition to the introduction of a new Gas Rebate and significant changes to the Life Support Rebate, rebates have now been extended to all eligible customers, including strata residents and retirement village residents.

Life support Rebate changes

The Life support rebate rates have increased and have been extended to all NSW energy customers who use an approved piece of life support equipment. Previously, this rebate was only available to concession card holders.

The Life Support Rebate is now available to quadriplegics who require energy to charge their wheelchair. Recipients do not require a concession to access this rebate,
 however, wheelchairs must be on the approved life support equipment list. This rebate is offered in addition to the Federal Government’s existing Essential Medical Equipment Payment accessed through Centrelink. This payment can be claimed for all types of wheelchairs as well as other essential medical equipment, however,   only concession card holders may receive this rebate.

See NSW Resources & Energy for more information about the Life Support Rebate and to view a list of the approved life support equipment covered by the rebate.

NSW Gas rebate

Eligible NSW customers can now access a rebate of $90 a year to help pay their natural gas bills.

To apply for this rebate, customers must phone their gas retailer and supply their concession or healthcare card details. The gas rebate will not automatically be applied to a customer’s bill, even if they are already on the Low Income Household Rebate for electricity with the same retailer.

Visit the NSW Gas Rebate page for eligibility criteria and for more details on how to apply.