Cases received October - December 2022

In the October to December quarter we received 4,469 complaints from energy and water customers, a decrease from the 4,592 received in the previous quarter. We investigated 673 of these complaints and classified the remaining 3,796 as enquiries, complaints or referrals.  

Diagram showing complaint cases received

Complaints by quarter

The number of complaints this quarter was 2.6% lower than that in the preceding July to September 2022 quarter.

Graph showing complaints over last four quarters

Key issues

As in the previous quarter, billing accounted for the bulk (73%) of all complaints, followed by customer service (38%) and credit (14%).

Table showing primary complaint issues

Complaints by industry

Most complaints related to electricity accounts (77%) followed by gas (18%) and water (4%). This quarter EWON also received 27 complaints that were not related to energy or water. 

Graph showing complaints by electricity, gas and water