Submissions of note for community workers

We’ve kicked off the year with six key policy submissions

AER’s Better Bills Guideline 

With EWOSA and EWOQ, we supported the draft proposal to simplify the language and formatting of energy bills to ensure ease of understanding for customers. We also welcomed the inclusion of contact details for Energy & Water Ombudsman. Link to this submission. 

AEMC rule change for customers experiencing family violence 

Again, with EWOSA and EWOQ, we contributed to the proposed rule change request to provide consumers affected by family violence with safe, supportive and flexible assistance in managing their personal and financial security. Link to submission.

AER’s Draft Consumer Vulnerability Strategy 

We provided input on key areas including reinforcing the need for all energy providers to avoid labelling consumers who are, or are at risk of, experiencing vulnerability as ‘vulnerable consumers’. We also emphasised the importance of changing the mindset of those who still view customers in debt from an entrenched assumption that the majority are unwilling, rather than unable, to make payments. Link to submission.