EWON’s Board is responsible for our corporate governance, budget approval and strategic direction. Our Board comprises an independent Chair, five Industry Directors from our electricity, gas and water members and five Community Directors who represent consumer interests. 

April Blair, Intellectual Disability Rights Service and Joanna Quilty, CEO NCOSS are our two new Community Directors. 

They fill the Board roles vacated by Robyn Evans from the Salvation Army and Iain Maitland from the Ethnic Communities Council who both completed their maximum two terms.

Our two new Industry Directors are Theo Whitmont, Kincumber Nautical Village replacing Jodie Blake, Jemena and Anne Pearson, Energy Australia, who has replaced Chris Ryan, Energy Australia.

We’re also pleased to announce that Kate Temby from St Vincent de Paul has recently been appointed for a second term as a community director. 

Learn more about our Board here.