4105 core issues infographic

In July 2020, we began a new data collection process which identifies the core issue in a customer’s complaint. In each complaint we receive, there may be more than one issue but there can be only one core issue. In this quarter we received 4,092 complaints which had 7,943 issues.

There is a discrepancy in the number of cases received (4,092) and the number of core issues (4,105). This is because core issues are only assigned when a case is finalised. 

This new approach will, for the first time, provide information on the key issues driving customer complaints. For example, in relation to payment difficulties, of the 193 complaints where this was an issue, it was identified as a core issue in only 74 complaints. Payment difficulties are often associated with complaints where the core issue is a disputed high bill, an estimated bill or where backbilling has occurred.

Table 7 - Top 10 core issues

Primary issues Secondary issues Tertiary issues Oct - Dec 2020
Billing High Disputed 1,215
Billing Opening/closing account   204
Billing Estimation Meter access/not read 163
General Energy / water   142
Credit Collection Credit rating 114
Billing Refund or credit Delay / error/ form 100
Billing Backbill   90
Billing Error Payment / deduction 86
Credit Payment difficulties current /arrears 74
Billing Error Wrong meter 69

Note: The total number of issues recorded may be greater than the number of matters selected.