Complaint core issues

For the top core issues, including the previous four quarters, click here

Each complaint EWON receives has a core issue – the driver of the complaint, and may have other associated issues. In this quarter EWON closed 4,600 complaints and received 4,471.

In our July to September 2022 EWON Insights we marked a significant increase (30.1%) in complaints from the previous quarter and we are yet to discern if the increase was the result of ongoing economic pressures or seasonal impacts.

While complaints for the October to December 2022 quarter were marginally lower (2.6%), this slight decrease does not take into account reduced number of working days due to the EWON Christmas closure period. The daily average complaints received remains consistent, indicating that the current level of complaints may continue.

To further highlight the impact of economic pressures being the cause of the upward trend in complaints, in the October to December 2022 quarter:

  • ‘Billing contract terms > price increases’ remained in the top 10 core issues, and ‘Billing > contract terms > variation in price/terms’ emerged as a top 10 core issue. 
  • Customers identifying high disputed billing as an issue as part of their complaint increased by 16% from the previous quarter (1,855 up from 1,599), an increase of 83.7% from two quarters ago. Customers’ identifying it as the core issue of their complaint increased 14% (to 1,443 from 1,266), an increase of 100.7% from two quarters ago.

We have also seen the emergence of ‘Disconnection/restriction impending’ in the top 10 core issues, indicating that more people are struggling with account balances.

For the top 10 issues, including the previous four quarters, click here