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EWON reports

Rising Inequality in the Energy Market: Safeguarding Consumer Protection

September 2016

Energy customers in NSW have traditionally had access to consumer protections over and above that provided by general consumer law.  Policy makers at the highest level have recognised that the essential nature of electricity and gas make this extra consumer protection essential.  While fairness dictates that all customers should enjoy the same level of protection, there have always been a small number of customers – those who buy their energy through embedded networks rather than from authorised retailers – whose right to access consumer protection has been weaker than that of other customers.

The growth in the number of embedded networks in NSW means that the number of customers with this inequitable level of consumer protection is growing, both absolutely and as a percentage.

EWON believes that the conditions and concerns that led to the creation of consumer protection for energy customers are still very relevant today, and that the consumer protection that applies to customers of authorised retailers should be extended to customers of embedded networks.

View the report here

EDR Access Report

June 2016

The report Consumer access to external dispute resolution in a changing energy market is an independent research paper commissioned by the Australian New Zealand Energy Water Ombudsman Network (ANZEWON).

In June 2016, this report was presented to the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria), Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW and the Energy & Water Ombudsman South Australia.

The report was requested to inform these schemes about the direction of the Australian energy market, with a focus on exempt retailer, embedded network and alternative energy service growth, and the consequential impact this is having on the ability of energy consumers to access to free and independent dispute resolution.

The views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of ANZEWON or that of these ombudsman schemes. 

View the report here


Prepayment meters

EWON Report - November 2014

Arising from the 2013 National Energy Affordability Roundtable, EWON released a discussion paper about prepayment meters in July 2014. We received 22 responses and some informal feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders. EWON has now released a Report considering the views of stakeholders and identifying key issues. The Report also addresses the key concerns raised within the context of NECF and smart meters.


National Energy Affordability Roundtable

June 2013

Following the first National Energy Affordability Roundtable in April 2013, Australian energy ombudsmen, the Energy Retailers Association of Australia and the Australian Council of Social Services released the joint National Energy and Affordability Roundtable Report. The report contains a set of recommendations for action to address the affordability challenges faced by energy consumers around the country.


Consumers' use and experience of 'credit repair' agents

September 2012

EWON completed a survey of customers represented by credit repair agents and undertook a mystery shopper research project into credit repair agents. This highlighted common consumer circumstances and practices by agents that are concerning to EWON including, lack of consumer awareness, misleading conduct and high fees.

View the report here


Jackgreen - follow up report on the failure of an energy retailer

September 2010

Following the initial report on Jackgreen - the failure of an energy retailer, EWON produced a follow up report Failure of an energy retailer: An event with a very long tail detailing the impact on customers and EWON of failed retailer Jackgreen.

View the report here


Jackgreen - the failure of an energy retailer

September 2010

The report Jackgreen - the failure of an energy retailer. The perspective of the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW in dealing with Jackgreen customer complaints was presented to stakeholders in September 2010.