Spotlight On is our quarterly systemic issues report. Each quarter, we'll highlight an issue that has been revealed in our casework, outline the policy challenges and propose industry discussion points.

For queries about policy issues raised in Spotlight On, contact Rory Campbell. For media queries contact Fran Strachan.

  • Consumer and small business energy debt solutions

    “COVID has left a scorched economic path, particularly in areas that were more disadvantaged pre-pandemic. In so many communities, we are leaving people behind.” Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO, ACOSS1 After benefiting from temporary...

  • Embedded networks - it's time for change

    How the existing embedded network framework can be improved to ensure clarity, transparency, accountability and ultimately, consumer protection.

  • Hot water embedded networks

    The supply of hot water to NSW apartments should be simple, well-regulated and offer residents the same consumer protections as their gas and electricity supply. This isn't the case.

  • National Energy Affordability Framework

    December 2020 As our federal and state governments consider how and when to wind back economic support for households affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, most industries are preparing for an affordability crisis to develop in 2021. But is...