2023 Submissions Month / Year
Statutory Review of the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 and the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 Jan 2023
Joint submission with EWOQ and EWOSA: Review of the regulatory framework for metering services draft report Jan 2023
IPART Water regulation Draft Handbook Feb 2023
Joint submission with EWOV, EWOSA and EWOQ: Unlocking CER benefits through flexible trading rule change Feb 2023
Draft Ministerial Statement of Expectations: Protecting NSW customers of embedded networks Mar 2023
Joint submission with EWOV, EWOSA and EWOQ: Privacy Act Review Report consultation Mar 2023
IPART - Draft terms of reference – The future of embedded networks in NSW Apr 2023
Default Market Offer Post-review consultation – Implementation of the 2022 review outcomes of the Competition and Consumer (Industry Code – Electricity Retail) Regulations 2019 Apr 2023
AER 2024-29 Network Regulatory Proposals - May 2023 May 2023
ARCA Consultation on CR Code - Potential Variations July 2023
NSW Government Improving NSW rental laws consultation paper Aug 2023
Joint submission: AER (Retail Law) Performance Reporting Procedures and Guidelines Aug 2023
IPART Future of Embedded Networks - Industry Consulation Paper Sep 2023
Sydney Water Operating Licence Review 2023-24 Sep 2023
Joint Submission: AEMC Draft Rule Determination - Enhancing Community Engagement in Transmission Building - 2023 Sep 2023
AEMC Directions Paper- Unlocking CER benefits through flexible trading Rule - Joint response Sep 2023
Ombudsman Submission Residential Electrification Senate Inquiry final Oct
Joint submission: AEIC Community Engagement Review Oct 2023
WaterNSW Operating Licence Review Oct 2023
Australian Retail Credit Association CR Code Variation Proposal Nov 2023
EAPA Consultation paper Dec 2023
ANZEWON Submission to ACCC Designated Complaints Function Dec 2023