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Exempt entities

Embedded networks are private electricity networks that serve multiple premises through a transmission system with one ‘parent connection point’ in the National Electricity Market. The operators of embedded networks, known as exempt entities, pay to receive energy from the grid and then on-sell the energy back to the individual customers.

Embedded networks are found in residential parks, caravan parks, retirement villages, apartment blocks and shopping centres.

Exempt entities can become EWON members

In the past our jurisdiction allowed us to receive and investigate complaints from embedded network customers, however, our decisions were not binding on exempt entities as they were not members of EWON. This has now changed.

In March 2018 the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) released revised Network Service Provider Registration Exemption Guideline and Retail Exemption Selling Guideline requiring exempt entities servicing residential customers to become members of EWON. 

This means that we will continue to resolve complaints from residential customers about exempt entities and that as members of EWON they will be bound by our decisions. 

If you are an exempt entity and would like to know more about the changes or want to enquire about becoming a member of EWON, please complete our new member enquiry form. Alternatively, you can email or call us on 02 8218 5251.