Tealprint 2021 to 2025

Our 2021-2025 Tealprint, named after one of our signature colours, articulates our Four Strategic Objectives, and for each one, Our Aspiration, Our Approach and Our Impact. Our Purpose, Our Values, Our People and the Benchmarks for Industry Based Customer Dispute Resolution provide the framework for meeting our Strategic Objectives.

Our Tealprint provides the overall context for how we continue to maintain our effectiveness as an Ombudsman scheme in the increasingly complex energy and water environment. Each year, the EWON Board approves our Annual Business Plan which defines our immediate future goals and our strategies for achievement of those goals, which in turn, enables us to meet our four strategic objectives.

Our strategic objectives

Community awareness across NSW, including embedded network and small business customers, which builds connections, increases reach, and improves access to members IDR and EWON.
Membership provides quality independent external dispute resolution, evidenced based complaint issues insights and access to stakeholder, community, and industry engagement.
External Dispute Resolution (EDR) sector leadership through service excellence and responsiveness to the changing environment.
Provision of evidenced based information and advice about relevant industry, systemic and strategic issues.

Our purpose

  1. Provide high quality, independent advice, information and dispute resolution to NSW energy and water customers.
  2. Use our unique complaints data to enable energy and water providers to improve their customer service, systemically reduce the drivers of complaints and to inform development of regulations, codes and policies.
  3. Engage efficiently with NSW consumers, promote our service and the complaints processes of energy and water providers through our community outreach and stakeholder engagement program.

The evolving environment

  • Evolving regulatory framework
  • High profile, politicised energy and water landscape
  • Emerging technologies, products and services
  • Responsive industry ombudsman sector
  • Broad spectrum of consumer engagement and vulnerability
  • Social policy drive for the provision of affordable essential services
  • Exponential and diverse membership growth
  • Shifting workforce and workplace expectations

Our Framework

Customer dispute resolution benchmarks

Our people

Our values