Customer not receiving rebate he was eligible for

Mahmoud approached us at a Bring Your Bills Day in Blacktown. He needed an Arabic interpreter so we organised one over the phone. A pensioner, he asked us to check he was receiving the appropriate discounts and rebates on his electricity and gas bills.

We spoke to his provider which advised that the Low Income Household Rebate was applied to the electricity and gas accounts at Mahmoud’s previous address, but not at his current address. It offered to apply the rebate at the current address and backdate it for 12 months. When we advised Mahmoud, he felt it was unfair given he had been living at his current address for two years. We offered to investigate the matter following the event.

Outcome: the provider confirmed it could not backdate the rebate for more than 12 months. After the backdated rebate was applied, it advised that Mahmoud’s energy accounts were in credit. It also confirmed that he was receiving a 23% pay on time discount for electricity and a 20% pay on time discount for gas.

Rebates may not automatically be carried over if you change address or providers. Make sure you check your bills and contact your provider if you have any issues. If you’re not happy with their response, contact us