On 1 October 2021, changes to rules and procedures came into effect to bring switching timeframes in line with advances in the energy market. Using insights from our electricity complaints data, EWON participated in the 2019 consultation process for these rules. We supported the new two-day switching rules, given their potential to empower and engage customers, while building trust and confidence in the energy sector.

These changes enable, but do not guarantee, switching within two business days for all customers by: 

  • removing the option for retailers to choose the next scheduled meter read as the transfer date in most circumstances 
  • expanding the timeframe to use a past actual meter read for manually read meters from 10 to 65 business days (the limit for remotely read meters remains 10 business days) 
  • making it easier for retailers to arrange a transfer while still within the 10-business day cooling off period 
  • making it easier to arrange a transfer reversal when a customer exercises their cooling off rights 
  • allowing estimated meter reads to be used for transfers for manually read meters 
  • limiting the opportunity for a current retailer to object to a pending transfer. 

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