When dealing with your electricity or gas company, it’s important you understand your rights and obligations. These are set out in the National Energy Retail Law.

Electricity and gas companies must provide you with:

  • fair contracts with clear terms and conditions
  • material on their offer or a one page summary or fact sheet
  • notification if they change your contract including the cost of your gas and electricity
  • clear information on your bill, including how your usage compares to other households in your area
  • flexible payment options – extra support is available if you’ve been impacted by a COVID-19 lockdown
  • affordability / hardship programs including payment plans
  • information about your right to complain if you have problems (and how you can contact us!)

As a consumer, you must:

  • provide open and convenient access to read and maintain your electricity and gas meters
  • give notice when you move house
  • advise your retailer if you are using your energy differently, for example if you start running a business from home
  • provide confirmation from a medical practitioner if someone needs life support equipment at your property.

If your electricity or gas company are not doing the right thing, let them know. If you’re not happy with their response contact us - we've got your back!

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